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Communicate in Radio Dispatch Environments

Connect up to 128 simultaneous radio talk-paths in any combination of digital or analog radio.

Customize and Configure the Layout

Easily change the appearance and layout of the user interface with support for docked or floating windows.

Control Advanced Digital Radio Functionality

Initiate individual calls, group calls, text messaging, track and geofence GPS locations, and more.

Record and Playback Audio

Use the Rapid Recall audio logging to record, playback, and save the audio of conversations. Use Canned Voice to transmit pre-recorded voice messages.

Integrate With Third Party Systems

Make phone calls and connect them to radios using a SIP PABX from within the console, monitor and activate Auxiliary I/O, use internet or self-hosted mapping providers.

Automate Common Tasks

The Action Wizard allows common console tasks such as sending messages, canned voice and changing audio modes to be simplified to a single button press.

Use Multiple Workgroups Simultaneously

Organise your workspace by grouping similar talk-paths together into workgroups.

Touchscreen Friendly Design

The Operator Console can be used with a touchscreen display or a computer keyboard and mouse.
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