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Transmit a Canned Voice Recording

Using the Canned Voice window, you can easily transmit a canned voice recording on one or more selected channels (channels in the foreground in the Workgroup window). To transmit a canned voice recording1 In a Workgroup window, place all talk path(s) you wish to...

Patch a Phone Call

If a phone call is active, it can be patched to a radio. Radio-phone patching enables a radio to be connected to a telephone – omnicore console provides a radio PTT whenever the person on the phone speaks, and all incoming radio calls from the patched radio will...

Making and Receiving Phone Calls

The telephone system at Barrow Island has been integrated with omnicore, in addition to the PA system. Using the console telephone button, you can make calls to other telephones, or to a particular building to make a PA announcement. To make a phone call to another...
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